The One Show - Best of Discipline
The One Show - Gold Pencils
The One Show - Silver Pencil
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Cannes Lions Glass Lion
Cannes Lions Gold - Interactive Brand Video
Cannes Lions Gold - Non-profit/Charity/Government
Cannes Lions Silver - Video/Moving Image
Cannes Lions Silver - Influencer Marketing
Cannes Lions Bronze - Excellence in Music

The Clio Awards - Grand Prize
There are a thousand things girls care about more than coding. And Doja Cat happens to be like…999 of them. So, to get girls interested, we turned Doja’s music video into Coding 101. The first ever codable music video allows girls to act as creative directors, changing the story by writing introductory CSS, Javascript, and Python code. Millions of girls learned to code without even realizing it, bringing us one step closer to closing the gender gap in STEM. 


Director - Child
Creative Partner - Active Theory
Creative Director - Mo Said
Creative Leads - Emily Berger, Rachel Ellem
Design Director - Camilo De Galofre
Senior Designer - Jodi Melody
Art Director - Sarah Olicker

My Role:
Design, Motion Design