An unspoken truth: A lot of Black men feel like they can’t be openly vulnerable. And we can blame that on society because there are a lot of portrayals of a Black man's experience in America. So we tapped Facebook's Black Gaming Creator Program to source talent that resonated with the idea which led to the Facebook Gaming Series: Unguarded. Composed of 3 episodes in which two gamers come together for a Facebook Live stream to talk about life, what they're dealing with, and what's happening in society.

Group Creative Director: Jono Paull
Creative Director: Amanda Brencys, Alex Behles
Sr. Art Director: Saulo Mohana
Sr. Copy Writer: Imen Soltani
My Role: Designer

Teamwork @mojosupermarket


Dropping The Armor — The first episode set the tone for the series by unpacking the pressure to ‘man up’ the Black community and how that colors your ideas about vulnerability.


Pride Royale — The second episode discussed LGBTQIA+ representation in gaming and beyond, and how to be an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community.


Shades of Black — The third and final episode explored the spectrum of Blackness through the lens of family heritage and microcultures. The Black experience is not a monolith, and our hosts are the perfect proof of that.