We had the opportunity to help Nike usher in new era of sport. The NikeWellCollective embraces a more holistic vision of what sport is, celebrating wellness and movement in any shape or form. To launch this initiative, Nike hosted their global community of Trainers at WHQ in Beaverton, OR. We supported with the experience, leading the graphic and spatial design, developing the seeding kits given to the Trainers, as well as signage, collateral, and an on-campus billboard to reveal the Nike Well Collective for the first time. 

The week culminated in the Trainers leaving with a newfound collective energy, ready to ignite their own communities and support them in their journeys to live well.

Design Director: Sam Jayne
Design Lead: Jonathan Katav
Spacial Art Director:Allison Kong
Digital Designer: Heena Chung
My Role: Billboard Design, Package, Merch and T-shirt Design, Motion Design

Teamwork @SomethingSpecialStudios