SNKRS Live is a series of live stream programming featured in the Nike SNKRS app, and produced by SSS. On January 31st, SNKRS LIVE returned with a fresh Heating Up episode centered around AF1, with Lil Yachty as the co-host. During the episode, Lil Yachty showcased his favorite sneaker pairs and reviewed the Kickchecks submitted by the SNKRS audiences.

SSS creative team integrated Lil Yachty's image and the Concrete Boy icon into our existing Heating Up VC, created a comprehensive set of in-stream graphics, flyers, and animated social asset tailored specifically for this episode.

Design Lead: Jonathan Katav
My Role: Visual Design, Storyboarding, Animation
3D Artist: Enrique Alba
Designer And Production Coordinator: Xena Brar
Teamwork @somethingspecialstudios